If you choose, you may mail a check to: 

All One People
460 E 100 N

Manti, UT 84642

Ways you can make a difference:

Sponsor a Child:  If you wish to sponsor a specific child, from the children on our rolls, you can dedicate your contributions to that child.  You may be contacted from time to time if your child has specific needs arise and given the opportunity to provide for those needs.

Make a Donation: You can make either a one time or repeating donation. You can do this using any major credit card or through your PayPal account.

You should note that 97% of your donation will reach the children in Kenya.   All One People is an entirely volunteer organization. There are NO salaries, travel expenses or office costs taken out of your donation. This is not a money-making venture for anyone. The only payout here is the satisfaction of having made a difference.


Your support will become a blessing in the lives of promising young children in Kenya.  You possess financial means that are not available to the hopeful young generation in this land.  You can transform a child from sure poverty to a contributing adult who will provide leadership to a nation in need.