All One People is currently working in Kenya, East Africa.  Kenya is located on the equator and the east coast of Africa.  It is a land with a pleasant climate but challenging economic and educational conditions.  Poverty is common, gripping the lives of millions of bright and capable youth, crushing their dreams of a better life.  Education is widely available but beginning in high school is expensive.  Most high schools are boarding schools, requiring expensive tuition and fees.  Many families simply cannot afford high school and children are forced to give up cherished dreams of gaining an education and escape from poverty.  Here in Kenya All One People works to help underprivileged children attend high school.  We also provide support to an orphanage, The Lillywhite Education Center for Orphans.  We can divide our focus into two areas: first, the children and high school students of the Lillywhite Education Center for Orphans and second, underprivileged high school students in Niarobi.

Kenya, East Africa